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Pastor Jason Powell

Jason Powell High School Pastor

Jason Powell is a pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California. From the moment of his conversion, Jason has been passionate about sharing, defending and teaching other Christians how to effectively communicate the gospel. This passion has led to Jason becoming the founder of two evangelism training websites: handgelism.com and EvangelismTips.com

Jason currently serves at Harvest as the High School pastor.  He has been married to his wife Mary for 12 years and has two boys, Zechariah and Zephaniah.

  • Birthplace: Redlands, CA

  • Pastor since: 2011

  • Previous work: Heavy Equipment Rental Yard

  • Favorite Verse: Mark 7:37

  • Favorite Author: F.W. Boreham

  • Married to: Mary

  • Married since: 2006

  • Children: Zechariah, Zephaniah


Pastor Elijah Braggs


Just like some here, in high school I was literally at a crossroad in life. I was living life completely contrary to God’s Word. I remember ditching school to the point where I had 50 absences in my math class. Little did I know it would be showing up to that math class that would soon change my life.

I was a troubled 15-year-old-sophomore—the class clown who showed up occasionally to put on a show for my classmates that often got me thrown out of class. This particular day I remember a kid named James, who never said anything, open his mouth for the first time since I’d been there. He preached a clear gospel message which caused me to drop everything I was doing and put my trust in Jesus.

I struggled as a young Christian who couldn’t quite find a good church home. At 19, I remembered my parents taking me to a church when I was a kid. It was called Harvest, but it seemed so far away from San Bernardino where I was living. I remember finding the number, getting the address, and taking a 30-minute trip to Riverside, which would ultimately change my life forever.

Soon I met a girl named Sarah who became my wife. We have served here for many years together and are still currently serving. We’ve been married for 14 years and have three children Shadae, Elisha, and Ezra.

April 2018 Harvest asked me to become a Pastor. Sarah and I are blessed to serve in the high school ministry, and look forward to all that God is doing and will do. My goal is to help our high school students grow in their relationship with Christ and to achieve all that God has for them.

  • Birthplace: Frankfurt, Germany

  • Pastor Since: 2018

  • Previous work: Construction

  • Favorite Verse: Ephesians 5:15-16

  • Married to: Sarah

  • Married since: 2003

  • Children: Shadae, Elisha, Ezra